Welcome to the Gold Coast


The revolutionary tourism campaign of the Gold Coast costed us $180,000 Australian Dollars to launch. So what did Mayor Tom Tate give to the people of the Gold Coast? A Big, Red, Dot. This dot is now the face of Gold Coast Tourism, Business Gold Coast, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Broadbeach Alliance, Connecting Southern Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise Alliance.

Good One, Mr Tate.

Good One, Mr Tate.

You’re looking at the new logo of the gold coast, and that’s one expensive grammar symbol to which I know that I am not the only local infuriated. It confuses me why the Mayor chose this to represent the Gold Coast as a whole, because I can see no symbolism as to how it relates to the gold coast.¬†Previously, the gold coast symbol was a blue and gold logo that represented our famous luxuries of the sun, sand and surf, and now we have a red full-stop symbolising ‘the end’ with the urgency of the colour red.

Surfers Paradise City

Surfers Paradise City

The Gold Coast has so much more to offer than a red dot. Take for example, our most known landmarks and recreational areas. We have Surfers Paradise, known for a place where the city meets the sea in a luxurious way. When I go to the city sitting at college all day or working, on my lunch break I walk barely two minutes and I’m eating fish and chips on the beach. It’s something that many cities cannot offer. At Surfers Paradise, there is many tourist attractions like jet-skiing, surfing lessons, The Wax Museum, Infinity the illusion walk-through, The Haunted House a creepy walkthrough of screams and terrors, Ripleys Believe it or Not which shows some of the strangest artefacts of the world and the adrenalin park which includes a Giant Slingshot larger than some of the skyscrapers where you climb into a ball and it shoots you into the air.

Where the city meets the sea

Where the city meets the sea

If you feel like the sound of that is a little too much for you, there is many theme parks on the Gold Coast including Dream World, White-water World, Wet’n’Wild, Movie World, Sea World and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This gives you the opportunity to experience family fun as well as see a range of animals such as Tigers, Dolphins, Koalas, Crocodiles and even feeding Kangaroos!

Sea World's Dolphin Show

Sea World’s Dolphin Show

It all sounds like fun, but when you have finished exploring the coastline, check out the Hinterland for the real magic. Mount Tambourine is a beautiful place where exquisite wineries, restaurants and even fairy and grandfather clock shops can be found. The place is called for a day trip where you can relax here sip some wine and see the amazing view from the mountain.



South of Tamborine is Springbrook, the most beautiful place you’ll ever see. This place is known for being the set for many famous television programs such as Terranova. With magical waterfalls to go swimming and caves of glow worms, this would be the best bush-walk you’ve ever had, even if you hate nature like me.

Springbrook's 'Natural Arch' - glow worms included.

Springbrook’s ‘Natural Arch’ – glow worms included.

Enjoy swimming with friendly turtles here!

Enjoy swimming with friendly turtles here!

With the Commonwealth Games coming in 2018, I really hope the rest of the world doesn’t take the red dot too seriously, because the Gold Coast is the most beautiful place in the world, and I’d hate to see my loved city receive less than what it deserves.

We won the bid!

We won the bid!

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful?

Emmaleyce, Proud Gold Coaster


Why So Serious?

The Freshly Pressed page is constantly disappointing me. One person after another people are complaining about how miserable their life is what tough times they’ve been through. I understand that a lot of people use blogs as an outlet to express themselves by how they are feeling, but some need an online diary, and then a personal one. Like the diary that as a teenager I hid under my bed so my parents couldn’t find it.

When it comes to your depressing diary, keep it under lock and key.

When it comes to your depressing diary, keep it under lock and key.

My high school diary was probably the most depressing novel ever written. I fell head over heels in love with a boy who stringed me along on a leash and constantly broke my heart. Every night I would write in my diary and fall asleep crying, ink running down the page from my tears.


My high school diary.

After I got over him and was seeing a new boyfriend, my life was seemingly happier, but I still had resentment towards him. I wanted to hurt him, just like he hurt me. So, for his birthday I gave him a present. My old diary.

I don’t know why I did. I wanted to get rid of it because every time I saw it i felt a pain in my heart. I did not want to throw it out because it contained so much. In a crazed moment I wrapped it up in wrapping paper and gave it to him at school the next day.

I felt so liberated, empowered. I surrendered, and I felt the wonderful evil glow inside of me. I was scared what he would do with it, but at the same time I didn’t mind. And I went home smiling.

The next day I asked him how he liked his present. He spoke saddened, and could not look me in the eye. “It… was kinda… really depressing.” No surprise there.

“Emz, I am really sorry. I didn’t know how I made you feel, I mean, I knew what I did, I knew it would hurt you, but.. I guess I didn’t know how much..”

My empowerment went from liberating to pity. I was pitying HIM. The boy who hurt me so much. Why? Because it turned out I was over him a long time ago, and that it didn’t matter anymore, whether he was hurt or not. I replied casually.

“Hey, it’s alright.. I’m.. I’m okay now. I just.. wanted you to know-”

“-Yeah… I’m glad you did.. Thanks.”

But he wasn’t glad. He wasn’t glad for a long time after that.

In conclusion: If you give someone your depressing diary to read, it’s going to make them depressed. It may have something important to say, but it will still make them depressed.

Indulge and repeat

Friday, 4th of January 2013

I’m back to square one. Every sujmmer I refrain from the sun as much as I can, and one day I’ll forget it and I’ll be completely and utterly burnt. Last year was the first summer I kept my skin white as snow. This year I look like a tomato.


My back feels like a solid flame which I cannot soothe. For a small moment I I thought I’d relax, and this happens.

Today I played the agatha christie computer game and my Steven made me eggs on toast. Afterward I walk in the bedroom and my eyes spring wider open.

I could not believe that I had left it in such a state! I cleaned it all, and made the bed with the new 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets mum got Steven and I for Christmas. They feel lovely.


After swearing that I would never leave the room in such a state again, I helped mark prepare dinner- 6 lobsters. I’m allergic to shellfish, but it was fun searching for an easy recipe and preparing them.
After the failed diet, I dive into the potato wedges and salad because I didn’t feeling going to hospital after a meal of lobster. Afterward, I help aunty Becky decorate the Pavlova and give my self a generous slice.
After the deliciousness, I realised I’m stuck in a rut. Days after failing a diet, I pig out with potato and pavlova, which will surely cause me to start a new diet.

Just like summer skin and cleaning my room, I have a cycle of indulging and withdrawing until I come to this realisation, in which I know is not going to change it. At the same time, I guess I don’t want to change it.. it keeps life interesting.

Tomorrow awaits!

Junk, Trash & Diamonds

Saturday, 29th of December 2012

Before the start of my new years diet, I have to finish eating all the treats I received on Christmas Day. In saying that, all I ate today was TimTam chocolate biscuits, Allens Confectionery Snakes and Pizza. I feel like a blob of junkfood. It has made me wonder if I eat a lot of junk food before the new year, I might get so sick of it that I will want to eat diet food. We’ll see if I make it that far.

Today was not very eventful, but I got a fair bit done cleaning out the garage. My mum is a hoarder. Not intentionally. She is just very lazy and cannot be bothered throwing out things that are of no use. When we moved house a few weeks ago, I told her it must be stopped. I did not like moving box after box of junk. So now, I have an agreement stating by the time she goes back to work (2nd of Jan) she needs to have everything she doesn’t need, thrown out. She has been going through boxes and boxes of paperwork, while Ive been sitting there trying to convince her there is no need for single sheepskin bed covers when we do not own any single beds. Despite this brain-numbing chore, my mum seemed quite cheery because I put on INXS greatest hits, her favourite band of all time, sa well as the fact that she found some very treasured memorabilia.

On the second-last box of paperwork, mum decided she had enough, and a cigarette was in order before Aunty Becky and the Family arrived. Mum has agreed to quit smoking for the new year as long as my little brother does too. They both want each other to quit, so it seems like a simple solution. I think my mum is more bothered by it though, As Johnathan cheekily says he is not addicted, and could easily stop.

At about 5pm Becky arrived with husband Tim, and sons Josh and Lauchlan, aged 15 and 11. After greeting me, Aunty Becky explained that she stopped by my Nanna’s house on the way here from Sydney to pick up something for me.

My Mum's Engagement Ring

My Mum’s Engagement Ring

When my mum and dad divorced, my mum was so upset that she gave her rings to my Nanna and said “I cannot look at them, but when my daughter turns eighteen, give them to her.” And that was thirteen years ago. My Nanna explained she didn’t want to send them in the post, because, well, what person over the age of 50 trusts the post office? So thirteen years waiting, and another five months delayed, I finally have my mother’s wedding rings. From the personal delivery of Aunty Becky.

Becky and the family will be staying with us for the next two weeks, so it will be a full house, and I think I might pop home to the unit for a few days, as I am more comfortable in my quiet, introverted space.

Hopefully its quiet.

Until next time, Emmaleyce