Junk, Trash & Diamonds

Saturday, 29th of December 2012

Before the start of my new years diet, I have to finish eating all the treats I received on Christmas Day. In saying that, all I ate today was TimTam chocolate biscuits, Allens Confectionery Snakes and Pizza. I feel like a blob of junkfood. It has made me wonder if I eat a lot of junk food before the new year, I might get so sick of it that I will want to eat diet food. We’ll see if I make it that far.

Today was not very eventful, but I got a fair bit done cleaning out the garage. My mum is a hoarder. Not intentionally. She is just very lazy and cannot be bothered throwing out things that are of no use. When we moved house a few weeks ago, I told her it must be stopped. I did not like moving box after box of junk. So now, I have an agreement stating by the time she goes back to work (2nd of Jan) she needs to have everything she doesn’t need, thrown out. She has been going through boxes and boxes of paperwork, while Ive been sitting there trying to convince her there is no need for single sheepskin bed covers when we do not own any single beds. Despite this brain-numbing chore, my mum seemed quite cheery because I put on INXS greatest hits, her favourite band of all time, sa well as the fact that she found some very treasured memorabilia.

On the second-last box of paperwork, mum decided she had enough, and a cigarette was in order before Aunty Becky and the Family arrived. Mum has agreed to quit smoking for the new year as long as my little brother does too. They both want each other to quit, so it seems like a simple solution. I think my mum is more bothered by it though, As Johnathan cheekily says he is not addicted, and could easily stop.

At about 5pm Becky arrived with husband Tim, and sons Josh and Lauchlan, aged 15 and 11. After greeting me, Aunty Becky explained that she stopped by my Nanna’s house on the way here from Sydney to pick up something for me.

My Mum's Engagement Ring

My Mum’s Engagement Ring

When my mum and dad divorced, my mum was so upset that she gave her rings to my Nanna and said “I cannot look at them, but when my daughter turns eighteen, give them to her.” And that was thirteen years ago. My Nanna explained she didn’t want to send them in the post, because, well, what person over the age of 50 trusts the post office? So thirteen years waiting, and another five months delayed, I finally have my mother’s wedding rings. From the personal delivery of Aunty Becky.

Becky and the family will be staying with us for the next two weeks, so it will be a full house, and I think I might pop home to the unit for a few days, as I am more comfortable in my quiet, introverted space.

Hopefully its quiet.

Until next time, Emmaleyce


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